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Re: San Antonio meeting minutes


Thanks for keeping and distributing the minutes. I find them very useful.
A few minor edits regarding C14 and GLODAP:

1. Accepting the commonly used definition, you can not currently 
"download" any data from the GLODAP site. Gridded sections/maps can
be downloaded via the LAS linked to GLODAP. The web site does have
instructions for users who want to get a data download from the
Princeton data base, but it requires subsequent contact with me.
2. Takahashi is/was not involved in the potential alkalinity algorithm
for bomb vs bkg C14 separation. This work is "in preparation" as
Rubin and Key.
3. Probably not worth mention, but I certainly expect Chris and I will be
collaborating with JLS on the C14 vs antCO2 stuff. Off the top, 
combining model and data results seems preferable, but back to back pubs
could work as well.

GLODAP is currently linked to OCMIP web site, but only as a general
collaboration. Your suggestions for improving this situation are
welcomed and can be implemented by Chris or me.