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OCMIP-2 Princeton Workshop

OCMIP-2 Workshop participants,

As mentioned earlier, the next OCMIP-2 Workshop will be in Princeton on
July 5-7 (Wednesday - Friday).  But there are some scheduling conflicts
that we need to work out.  The July 4th holiday in the U.S. makes it
difficult for many U.S. participants to make it to the meeting the morning
of July 5th.  Those on the west coast, won't even be able to make it to
Princeton in the afternoon, unless they travel on July 4th.  On the other
hand, several of the OCMIP members from Europe and the U.S. will be
attending the JGOFS Southern Ocean Workshop which begins on Sunday
morning, July 9th in Brest, France.  To get to Brest on time, OCMIP
workshop participants will have to catch planes that leave Newark/New York
Friday evening.

Unfortunately changing the dates of our workshop is not possible at this
late date. However, we can shorten the meeting or arrange the program to
minimize problems.  At present I'm inclined to start the meeting on July
5th at 1 PM, and to schedule presentations on (1) the CO2 Injection
results and (2) GAP, that afternoon.  As far as I know, all those who have
submitted Injection output do not have a conflict on July 5th; we will
also be able to distribute a manuscript describing some of these results.
As for GAP, that first presentation would focus on new features and
improvements since our last workshop. Those who couldn't make "The New
GAP" presentation would have some chance to catch up during the longer GAP
tutorial early Friday afternoon. Otherwise Friday afternoon would be free.  
For instance some OCMIP participants will have to break off for an OCMIP
Task Team meeting in the late afternoon and evening.

I would appreciate hearing other suggestions, especially from anyone with
a scheduling conflict.  I hesitate to reduce the meeting further.  Based
on our past meetings, that won't be enough.  We have more results now
which implies more discussion.  And there should be lots of talk about the



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