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Princeton workshop - Wednesday morning session

Princeton workshop participants,

Our OCMIP workshop will have one of the largest gatherings of global ocean
carbon-cycle modelers ever. Jorge has suggested that we widen the Agenda,
allowing for new ideas to come to the surface, by allotting for short
presentations concerning studies by the individual groups.  It seems now
that the best plan would be to start the meeting with this "Individual
studies" session, on Wednesday morning (July 5th). Previously there was no
session scheduled Wednesday morning session. Only one person has contacted
me directly though, concerning difficulties making the meeting on
Wednesday.  For those who can't make Wednesday, I can try to summarize
either on an individual basis or at the general session on Thursday.

If you are interested in briefly presenting some of your recent work,
please send me a short e-mail including a title for your presentation.  
I'll set things up as a function of what I receive by next Tuesday (6
June).  As a starting point, Presentations will probably be limited to 15
minutes, but if you need less, let me know. If time allows, groups can
give more than 1 presentation.



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