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Position available

Dear OCMIPers,

 Please find below details of an open position at
MIT, funded through the US Dept. of Energy's Carbon
Sequestration program. Please circulate or contact us
if you are interested.



| Mick Follows             | mick@plume.mit.edu | 
| Rm. 54-1514, MIT,        | tel: 617 253 5939  |  
| 77 Massachusetts Av.,    | fax: 617 253 4464  | 
| Cambridge, MA 02139, USA |                    | 

Position Available: Ocean Tracer Modeling.

We seek a post-doctoral scientist or programmer to execute and study
high resolution numerical models of tracer transports in the Atlantic
Ocean. Oceanic mesoscale eddies have important influences on the local
and basin scale transfer and distributions of ocean tracers. We will
study the implications of these small scale motions for direct
sequestration of carbon dioxide into the ocean.
The successful candidate will use the MIT ocean circulation
model, configured at high resolution, to examine the transport and
fate of ocean tracers, including dissolved inorganic carbon, from
point source injections sites.
Experience with numerical models of the ocean or atmosphere and
UNIX computing environments is desirable.
Please contact Dr. Mick Follows or Prof. John Marshall at the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology for further information.

Mick Follows
tel: 617 253 5939

Room 54-1514,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
77 Massachusetts Av.,
MA 02139, USA