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new diag, ref., co-authors - Urgent

hello everybody

there was a problem with the system at lsce in begining of August so maybe
you answer but I didn't receive the email. so please could you answer again
this mail very rapidly (reference and co author) because it is urgent

thanck you in advance



I send you in attachment new diagnostics of the model: the Pcfc11 inventory!!!

for the P13, AJAX, P15s section for all the modles except UL and NERSC for
which T,S field were not available in the OCMIP data base.

After a rapid analysis, It seems that it changes nothing to the conclusion
writen in the paper.

Now I need each group to send me:

- a reference of his modele (in table 2, as suggested by ray)
- the list of co-authors (with no exageration please..., 1 or 2 person max)


Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:p13.word.ps (TEXT/mlpr) (00012B24)
Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:ajax.word.ps (TEXT/mlpr) (00012B25)
Attachment converted: Macintosh HD:p15.word.ps (TEXT/mlpr) (00012B26)

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