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perturbation calculations and alkalinity

Dear OCMIPers,
those of you making perturbation CO2 simulations might be interested
in a generalization of the Sarmiento et al. (1992) formula for calculating
dpCO2 from dDIC (also in Siegenthaler and Joos (1992)):
The generalization takes into account variations in salinity and alkalinity,
making use of empirical relations between T,S, and Alk. 
The main effect is an increase in surface anthropogenic CO2 in the subtropical
gyres by up to 8%, due to the higher salinity and alkalinity there,  and a
slight decrease in high latitudes. The effect on total inventories of
anthrop. CO2, is quite small (2% increase in my Atlantic only
simulations), though. I have a small manuscript on this, anyone interested
can get it from me by email. 

Greetings, Christoph 

Dr. Christoph Voelker 
Institut fuer Meereskunde an der Universitaet Kiel
Duesternbrooker Weg 20, 24105 Kiel, Germany
Tel. ++49 431 597 3877      email cvoelker@ifm.uni-kiel.de