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radiocarbon figure


I have been asked to write a couple of articles for the
Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences, Steel, Thorp, Turekian and Jenkins, eds.
Academic Press, Inc.

on bomb and natural radiocarbon. I would very much like to include one
of the model-data comparison figures from OCMIP 2 prepared by Jim'
group. I have already inquired and found that re-publication of
any figure used in the encyclopedia in a "real" paper will not be
a problem. The encyclopedia is aimed at an undergraduate audience.
All of the figures I've seen do have the various institution
abbreviations identifying the sub panels. Given the text limitation
and usage, I would certainly not go further to identify the results other
than a very general description of OCMIP. Presumably this would provide
a bit of "advertising" for the group effort.

Obviously, before proceeding I need permission from the group which is 
the reason for this e-mail. I will include the figure only if the
response is unanimously favorable (and the publishers cover the
color fig. cost).

bob key