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Fall AGU 2000 - OCMIP-2 paper on purposeful C sequestration

I've just received notice that the OCMIP abstract concerning ocean
purposeful ocean carbon sequestration (below) has been accepted for an
oral presentation at the AGU Fall meeting.

  The Ocean's Efficiency in Retaining Purposefully Injected CO2

  J C Orr, O Aumont, A Yool, K Plattner, F Joos, E Maier-Reimer, M-F
  Weirig, R Schlitzer, K Caldeira, M Wickett, R Matear

  The efficiency of sequestering CO2 artificially in the deep ocean is
  not well known. To estimate uncertainties, we made standard
  simulations in a diverse group of seven ocean models. Each model
  discretizes the ocean into a 3-D array of grid cells, and each
  includes a standard description of the inorganic ocean carbon
  cycle. Injection simulations with seven injection sites per run were
  made separately for three different depths. At 3000 m, all models
  retained at least 97\% of the total injected CO2 at the end of the
  100-year injection period; after 500 years, retention efficiency
  ranged from 48 to 82\%. At 1500 m, retention efficiency was less
  (82--96\% after 100 years; 28--57\% after 500 years). At 800 m, it
  was less still (73--83\% after 100 years; 15--38\% after 500
  years). For the 1500-m injection, San Francisco is generally the
  most efficient site, New York is the least efficient. For the 3000-m
  injection, differences between sites are smaller. Western boundary
  sites (New York and Tokyo) increased in efficiency more than other
  sites. In the 1500-m and 3000-m simulations, injected CO2 is lost
  mostly from the Southern Ocean, except for CO2 injected at 1500 m at
  New York, which is lost mostly from the North Atlantic.

Oral presentaion, Monday morning session (Dec. 18)
Session B11: "The Science of Carbon Sequestration I"
Paper B11-09: Presentation at 10:50 AM

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