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Fall AGU 2000 - 2nd OCMIP-2 paper (anthropogenic CO2)sequestration

The OCMIP-2 abstract concerning anthropogenic CO2 has also been accepted 
for oral presentation at the Fall AGU meeting.

  Constraining Oceanic Uptake of Anthropogenic CO2 through 3-D
  Model-Data Comparison 

  P Brockmann, J C Orr, O Aumont, P Monfray, R G Najjar, F Louanchi,
  R Schlitzer, M Weirig, R Matear, A Lenton, Y Yamanaka, A Ishida, K
  Caldeira, M Wickett, M Follows, E Maier-Reimer, K Lindsay, S Doney,
  K Plattner, F Joos, T Stocker, R Slater, N Gruber, J Sarmiento, R
  Key, A Yool, I Totterdell, C Sabine

  Simulations of anthropogenic CO$_2$ in 11 ocean models were compared
  within the framework of the second phase of the Ocean Carbon-Cycle
  Model Intercomparison Project (IGBP/GAIM-JGOFS). Simulated global
  uptake for the 1980's is $1.9 \pm 0.3$ Pg C yr$^{-1}$. Future
  modeled uptake diverged with time as atmospheric CO$_2$ was
  stabilized at (scenario IPCC S650). Future modeled uptake diverged
  even when atmospheric CO$_2$ continued to increase (scenario based
  on IPCC IS92a). Regionally, the relative proportion of uptake
  increases with time in the Southern Ocean ($<$45$^\circ$S) but
  remains constant or decreases elsewhere. We will examine the range
  of model results in the light of model-data and multitracer
  comparisons carried out within OCMIP as a means to better constrain
  real ocean CO$_2$ uptake.

Oral presentation, Sunday afternoon session (Dec. 17)
Session OS72E: "The Ocean Carbon Cycle: Basin to Global-Scale Observations 
                and Models I"
Paper OS72E-04: Presentation at 14:15 PM

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   Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
   Unite Mixte de Recherche CEA-CNRS

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