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6. Transfer of output

We provide details only for transferring Equilibrium Output. Output from the other Abiotic simulations ( Historical Output, Future Output, Pulse Output, and Control Output) should be transferred in an analogous fashion.

The Equilibrium Output files and should first be compressed.


If gzip is not available on your machine, the alternative is to use compress. After compression, you should ftp your files to LSCE for processing and analysis. Your model output could be quite large depending upon model resolution. Fear not though, because we have the disk space to accommodate output from all OCMIP models. Contact us if the ftp transfer rate is inadequate. In that case, you'll need to write your output to tape (DDS, DDS2, Exabyte, or DLT) and mail it to

James ORR 
LSCE, CEA Saclay
Unite mixte de recherche CEA-CNRS
Bat. 709, L'Orme des Merisiers
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX

Here are the commands to transfer your output by ftp:

   user: anonymous
   passwd: your full email
   cd incoming2/y2k01/OCMIP
   mkdir <your group name>
   mkdir <your group name>/Abiotic
   cd <your group name>/Abiotic
   mput <your group name>*nc*

Then e-mail us ( and that your transfer is complete.

To avoid confusion, you can create further subdirectories (Abiotic/equil, Abiotic/hist, Abiotic/futr, Abiotic/puls, and Abiotic/ctrl) to distinguish the five different types of runs. The ftp archive is erased automatically every 8 days, so be sure to contact us as soon as you have completed transfer, and save your output files at least until we have notified you that they have been transferred to the OCMIP-2 model output archive.

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