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J. Orr, R. Najjar, C. Sabine, and F. Joos

$Revision: 1.16 $, $Date: 2000/01/08 18:46:21 $

This document provides step-by-step guidelines to make the so-called solubility pump runs for CO2 and C-14 according to the standard OCMIP-2 protocols. No biological effects are included. The ocean model carries only DIC and DIC14. We describe five types of abiotic simulations: (1) Equilibrium run, (2) Historical run for 1765-2000, (3) Future runs (IPCC S650 and CIS92A) for DIC only, (4) a 1000-yr Pulse Input run for DIC only, and (5) three Control runs needed for drift correction for the Abiotic transient runs (i.e., the Historical, Future, and Pulse simulations).

1. Recuperation of OCMIP-2 files by ftp:

2. Model runs

3. Initialization and duration of simulations

4. Output type and frequency

5. Output Format

6. Transfer of output

7. References

8. Contacts

9. Same document, another format?

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