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6. Transfer of output

Both and should first be compressed


If gzip is not available on your machine, the alternative is to use compress. After compression, you should send your files to LSCE for processing and analysis. However, model output could be quite large depending upon model resolution. If output is larger than 300 Mb, you may wish to try to send it by ftp, but you should first send us e-mail to verify that enough disk space is available. If not, you'll need to write your output to tape (DDS, DDS2, Exabyte, or DLT) and mail it to

James ORR 
LSCE, CEA Saclay
Unite mixte de recherche CEA-CNRS
Bat. 709, L'Orme des Merisiers
F-91191 Gif-sur-Yvette CEDEX

If smaller than 300 Mb, please first attempt to send this output via ftp:

   user: anonymous
   passwd: your full email
   cd incoming2/ba9901/OCMIP
   mkdir <your group name>
   mkdir <your group name>/Biotic
   cd <your group name>/Biotic
   mput <your group name>*nc*

Then e-mail us ( and that your transfer is complete.

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