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6. Transfer of output

All files written by the OCMIP-2 output routines should be grouped according to type of analysis ( Early Output, Late Output, Transport Output, and Equilibrium Output). To do so, just recuperate the shell script, copy it to the directory where you have stored your standard OCMIP-2 output, cd to that same directory, and issue the following two commands:

gzip *.tar

If gzip is not available on your machine, the alternative is to use compress.

Given the requested fields and frequencies specified in section (4) above, model output could be quite large, depending upon model resolution. If output is larger than 200 Mb per simulation, we request that it be written to tape (DDS, DDS2, Exabyte, or DLT) and mailed to

Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement
Unite mixte de recherche CEA-CNRS
L'Orme des Merisiers - Bat.709 - CEA Saclay
F-91191 Gif sur Yvette CEDEX

If smaller than 200 Mb, an attempt can be made to send this output via ftp (contact for details). The first analysis will be undertaken at IPSL (France) and at Penn. State (U.S.A.).

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