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Helium HOWTO

J.-Cl. Dutay, M.-F. Weirig, P. Jean-Baptiste, E. Maier-Reimer, and J. Orr

$Revision: 1.9 $, $Date: 2001/04/27 13:22:11 $

This document provides step-by-step guidelines to make a steady-state simulation for mantle Helium-3 and Helium-4 according to the standard OCMIP-2 protocols. This simulation has two boundary conditions: (1) a loss term due to the sea-to-air flux of mantle helium, and (2) a source term due to emission of rich He-3/He-4 water along ocean ridges on the seafloor. Globally integrated, the source term amounts to 1000 moles of He-3 per year; regionally, sources are partitioned as a function of ridge position, length, and spreading rate).

1. Introduction

2. Recuperation of OCMIP-2 files by ftp:

3. Model runs

4. Initialization and duration of simulations

5. Output type and frequency

6. Output Format

7. Transfer of output

8. References

9. Contacts

10. Same document, another format?

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