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O. Aumont and J. C. Orr

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This document provides step-by-step guidelines to make simulations of deep-ocean CO2 sequestration according to standard protocols from OCMIP-2 and GOSAC. Simulations are made abiotically without CaCO3 sediments. Thus tracers are carried only as DIC. Each model run carries ten tracers, thereby simultaneously simulating the control, "permanent sequestration", the anthropogenic invasion of CO2, and injection at 7 different sites. In GOSAC's REQUIRED Standard scenario, atmospheric pCO2 is prescribed and CO2 is injected at 1500 m (Run C1500). An analogous simulation is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED where injection occurs instead at 3000 m (Run C3000). Additionally, we include two OPTIONAL simulations: (1) an analogous run with injection at 800 m (Run C800) and (2) an Emissions case where fossil emissions to the atmosphere are prescribed and injection is made at 1500 m (Run E1500).

1. Introduction

2. Recuperation of files by ftp:

3. Model runs

4. Description of the simulations

5. Output type and frequency

6. Output Format

7. Transfer of output

8. References

9. Contacts

10. Same document, another format?

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