mocsy  2.0
Fortran 95 routines to model ocean carbonate system thermodynamics
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File List
Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
o*constants.f90Module with contants subroutine - computes carbonate system constants from S,T,P
o*depth2press.f90Module with depth2press subroutine - converts depth to pressure with Saunders (1981) formula
o*f2pCO2.f90Module with f2pCO2 subroutine - compute pCO2 from fCO2, in situ T, atm pressure, hydrostatic pressure
o*gasx.f90Module with routines needed to compute gas exchange (flxco2, scco2, atmospheric xCO2 and pCO2)
o*p2fCO2.f90Module with p2fCO2 subroutine - compute fCO2 from pCO2, in situ T, atm pressure, hydrostatic pressure
o*p80.f90Module with p80 function - compute pressure from depth
o*phsolvers.f90Module with routines needed to solve pH-total alkalinity equation (Munhoven, 2013, GMD)
o*rho.f90Module with rho function - computes in situ density from S, T, P
o*rhoinsitu.f90Module with rhoinsitu subroutine - compute in situ density from S, Tis, P
o*singledouble.f90Module that defines single and double precision - used by all other modules
o*sw_adtg.f90Module with sw_adtg function - compute adiabatic temp. gradient from S,T,P
o*sw_ptmp.f90Module with sw_ptmp function - compute potential T from in-situ T
o*sw_temp.f90Module with sw_temp function - compute in-situ T from potential T
o*test_mocsy.f90Fortran 90 program to test mocsy.f90
o*tis.f90Module with tis subroutine - compute in situ T from S,T,P
o*tpot.f90Module with tpot subroutine - compute potential T from in situ T,S,P
o*vars.f90Module with vars subroutine - compute carbonate system vars from DIC,Alk,T,S,P,nuts
\*varsolver.f90Module with varsolver subroutine - solve for pH and other carbonate system variables